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At WWHCM, we define our management as a partnership for success. We conduct financial and operational assessment, paving way for strategic changes and transforming challenges into opportunities. We collaborate with organizations to implement solutions that elevate key metrics - increasing occupancy, optimizing reimbursement process, and enhancing the efficiency of labor and expenses.


Some of our combined experience in various aspects of healthcare include life safety regulation, plan of correction implementation, consulting, operational implementation of systems and procedures, achieving high CMS rankings, deficiency-free surveys, and managing insurance and Medicare payments.

Our team is ready to assist you.


Steve Womack

828-324-8898 x 231

Director of Operations

Ashley Smithey

828-324-8898 x 297

Director of IT

Preston Huggins

828-324-8898 x 223


Bryon Womack

828-324-8898 x 226

Director of Clinical Services

Amber Denny

828-324-8898 x 222


Zahid Kothari

828-324-8898 x 247

Operations Manager

Stephanie Brendell

828-324-8898 x 344

How Do We Assist With Achieving Excellence?

We achieve excellence through collaboration with facility professionals by delivering resources to improve operation efficiency. Some of our facility programs for improved outcomes are advanced care plan, clinical acuity expansion, onboarding programs, employee engagement, and service oriented care. We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives and making data-driven decisions that contributes to sustained success. Open communication and collaboration among leadership, staff, and stakeholders are key elements in achieving and maintaining excellence in healthcare operations.

Contact us today for an operational assessment.

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